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Aqua Ganga RO Water passion for the environment, sustainability, and building a safe world for the future generation has given rise to many brands that hold up the essence of the group. Aqua Ganga, being one such brand from the Aqua Ganga, has established its place and reputation in India as one of the most trusted manufacturers of best water purifiers in India. It is a brainchild of years of research and development. It is focused on delivering water purifiers to millions of consumers. We started with the research behind state-of-the-art water purifiers with the aim to provide clean drinking water to every Indian consumer.

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Best Water Technology in India

Contaminated drinking water has been a problem in our country. Contaminated water and poor sanitation can cause and transmit diseases like cholera, diarrhea, dysentery, hepatitis A, typhoid, and polio. Badly managed water and unavailable filtration systems expose individuals to preventable health risks. Water purification is extremely essential in Indian households due to the unsafe standards of drinking water in most of the Indian cities and towns.

Our Products

Auqa Ganga Swift


Aqua Ganga Prime

Rs- 12,599/-

Aqua Ganga Super Nova

Rs- 11,999/-

Auqa Ganga Suprime


Aqua Ganga Audi Alkakin

Rs- 11,499/-

Aqua Ganga Swift Alkaline

Rs- 14,999/-

Aqua Ganga Undersink

Rs- 15,999/-

Auqa Ganga Grand+


Ganga Mini Pearl


Auqa Ganga Alkaline+


Auqa Ganga Super


Aqua Ganga Novo Alkaline

Rs- 12,499/-

Aqua Ganga Natural

Rs- 8,499/-

Aqua Ganga Star+


Our Prodcuts

Aqua Ganga Prime

Aqua Ganga Super

Aqua Ganga Super Nova

Auqa Ganga Suprime

Aqua Ganga Audi

Aqua Ganga Swift

Aqua Ganga Alkaline

Aqua Ganga Alkaline+

Aqua Ganga Novo Alkaline

Aqua Ganga Super+

Ganga Natural

Aqua Ganga Mini Pearl


Pawan Singh

This is the best water purifier with reasonable cost. Its works with electricity and purifies the water very fast. Power consumption is also low compared to another things in kitchen.

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Payal Goyal

I am getting very good service for my RO system installed in my flat. He is providing excellent service at very reasonable price. All the best to him and his team.

Isha Seni

We have taken their service and it is excellent. In COVID time the owner himself prefers to visit with complete precautions to prevent him self and their client from virus. He has great knowledge about all parts of RO.

Amit kumar

Prompt service technician did the work well to my satisfaction they are polite and well behaved I like their services .

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